MEDIAFEED: The solution for broadband distribution.

Mediafeed product line is our answer to the Wireless ISPs' growing demand for Base Station appliances which combine high reliability and performance with an affordable price tag. Mediafeed devices include dual-band radio modules, in compliance with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards, with integrated routing, bridge and access point functionality, and provide advanced Quality of Service features.

802.11ac 867Mbps. Thanks to the use of external dual polarity MiMo antennas, the Mediafeed devices in compliance with 802.11ac standard, allow signal connection up to 867Mbps for each single radio module.

Optical Fiber option. To cancel high power noise on data LAN cable, Mediafeed series makes available a version with multi-mode optical fiber data connection option. Using optical fiber connection, all the high power noises are canceled and the performances of Medaifeed device are guaranteed.

MDF Line 2020 2020N 2210N 2510N 2510AC 2520AC 2510AC-F
Radio Modules 2 2 1 1 1 2 1
Outdoor use
Power supply
Quality of Service
External Antenna
MIMO Standard  
Access Point
Gigabit Ethernet  
Surge protector ESD 15kA    
CE compliance
RoHS Compliance