Linkit is your best partner for radio-frequency projects

In addition to the design and production of its own devices, Linkit makes available its knowledge and experience to companies that for various reasons require to design and build electronic circuits, and who do not have a research and development department. The experience gained in over 20 years of research and development in telecommunications area, make Linkit able to design wireless and radio frequency devices in line with the latest technologies. The development of management software, also allows to provide complete systems and turnkey solutions. Equipment and software can be developed by following all customer requests, getting a completely customized product.

RF design

Linkit develops electronic circuits to customer specification. The main activity is the development of systems and radiofrequency devices for telecommunications. After the analysis of the specifications provided, and after a feasibility assessment, the design phase begins. The Linkit projects are in the range 0-26 GHz.

Electronic design

In addition to the radiofrequency field, Linkit deals with the design of electronic devices for telecommunications, controls, automation, with particular attention to the evolution of new analogue and digital technologies.

Firmware development

Often the RF devices are managed and controlled by microcontrollers or microprocessors able to take maximum advantage of the possibilities. Linkit deals with the firmware writing and its implementation in the most common microcontroller chip.

Printed circuit boards

Linkit develops printed circuit boards according to customer specifications. Often small companies are not structured for the design of printed circuits, and only occasionally have the need to produce an electronic device of its own manufacture.

Mechanical parts

The quality of the enclosures and of the mechanical parts is an integral part of the good working of a radio frequency device. Linkit designes and builds aluminum items produced with CNC machines for maximum accuracy and reliability up to microwave frequencies.

Antenna design

The Linkit experience in the telecommunications sector allows us to offer a service of study, design and construction of various types of antennas on every radio band.


Companies who design electronic equipment does not often have its own internal expert resources on the topic of radio frequency. Many companies, mainly dedicated to the marketing of products from time to time have the need to create a personalized product.


Fast engineering and manufactureing of samples, allows the customer to test the proper working of the project without loosing time.