The easiest way to distribute Internet in all the city buildings

Urban metropolitan areas are typically an "hard" environment for the WISPs. Buildings are very often insurmountable obstacles to the activation of new subscribers that are unreachable by the wireless signal from the base station.

How can I reach all the users in metropolitan and crowded urban areas?

This is the main WISP problem. Even if , from roof of the buildings there are excellent conditions of optical visibility towards the distribution A.P. base station, it’s extremely complex and expensive, lay the wiring connection from wireless CPEs to end users. This causes problems in optimizing the investments and, in some cases, brings the WISP to give up to propose internet subscription, thus loosing opportunities for development and business.

MAWiND is the solution to overcome the problem.

Using the master antenna TV distribution system already present in buildings, MAWiND allows you to reach all customers without any new cable. Thanks to the connection with the MAWiND Master device, the wireless broadband signal received from a single CPE installed on the roof, is distributed through TV cables safely, without introducing any interferences on TV signal and reaching any building’s TV sockets. Any new subscriber, will just have to:
• connect the MAWind modem between the TV socket and the TV set,
• connect his network devices (personal computer, smartphone, tablet,etc.) to the MAWiND modem,
• enjoy the internet surfing.


No limits to reach any user.
• Even those located in disadvantageous places, such as ground-floor flats, will be able to easily receive the broadband wireless connection.

Only one wireless CPE
• without any technological or frequency constraint, has to be provided on the top of the building.

Plug-and-play device
• MAWiND can be installed as easily as a standard ADLS modem, with a plug-and-play process. No installation procedures will be necessary. The WISP can provide MAWiND already configured with all the network’s parameters (PPoE, VPN etc.).

Remote management
• Both Master and modem MAWiND devices can be managed trough a remote control as a normal AP or CPE. The WISP will be able to get access to the devices for administration and maintenance.

Further use

MAWiND solution can be use in all those cases where a coaxial distribution network is present and, in the meantime, broadband data must be distributed. For instance, in hotels, residences, on cruise ships, etc. it will be possible to make ADSL/Fiber connection available, by simply connecting the MAWiND master system to the existing ADSL/Fiber router and providing a suitable number of MAWiND modems able to ensure the complete coverage of the structure. Even in these cases, the service installation stage will be fast and simple, since no wiring or heavy cabling procedures are required.

How does it works

MAWiND transmit IP Internet datas over the existing master antenna television system. The used frequency range, ensures the right operations even in old or low quality systems, tolerating also situations where the system has high attenuation and losses. MAWiND system set up a point-to-multipoint connection with no limit to the number of connected users. Each users is protected by secure and encrypted data connection.

Technical data HEAD UNIT
TV pass frequencies 0 - 250 MHz     &     470 -2150 MHz
IP Data Frequency 320 - 380 MHz
Channel Bandwidth 20MHz - 2 x 20MHz
Antenna connectors 75 ohm F 75 ohm IEC PAL
Line transmission power +8 dBm +3 dBm
Reception sensitivity -90 dBm @    6 Mbps
-81 dBm @   24 Mbps
-76 dBm @   36 Mbps
-71 dBm @   54 Mbps
-67 dBm @ 117 Mbps
-62 dBm @ 150 Mbps
Cable operating modes A.P. - Bridge - WDS WDS - Station - StationBridge
Security WEP 64,128 bit - WPA - WPA2 - TKIP - AES-CCM
Ethernet Standard 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet4 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet
VLAN managment 802.1q - Multiple VLAN interface - Inter VLAN routing
VPN managment IPSEC, PPPoE, EoIP, PPTP, L2TP
Network Routing OSPF - RIP - BGP - STP - RSTP - NAT - MPLS - IPv6 - MME
Admin Managment Telnet - SSH - WEB - Propietary GUI
Power Supply 12V dc / 800mA5V dc / 500mA
Operating Temperature - 30°C / + 60°C- 20°C / + 45°C
Dimensions mm (L x P x H) 180 x 130 x 30120 x 90 x 27
Weight 750 g250 g