High-performance prime focus parabolic antenna for long-range wireless connections.

This unique antenna is designed to work in both the 2.4GHz (Wi-Fi) and the 5GHz (Hiperlan) frequency bands.
Thanks to its peculiar radiation pattern, it is well suited for those applications requiring a very high directionality.
The small lateral lobes and high front to back ratio reduce interference in crowded spectrum settings.
The 60cm aluminum parabolic reflector is powder-coated aluminum and the feed antenna placed in the prime focus is hermetically sealed with a polypropylene radome protection.
Stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

Frequency 2.400 - 2.483 MHz & 5.100 - 5.900 MHz
Type 61cm prime focus parabolic dish
Gain 21dBi @ 2.4GHz   -   29dBi @ 5.6GHz
H-plane beam width 2.4GHz 13° @3 dB   -   5.6GHz 6° @ 3dB
V-plane beam width 2.4GHz 13° @3 dB   -   5.6GHz 6° @ 3dB
Front/back ratio >30dB
Impedance 50Ω
VSWR < 1.6 : 1
Maximum applied power 20W
Connector N female
Mounting pole diameter 35 - 50mm
Weight 2.7 Kg

2.4GHz H-plane radiation

2.4GHz V-plane radiation

5.6GHz H-plane radiation

5.6GHz V-plane radiation