Video surveillance city network is the system you need to keep under control crucial points on the territory or to convey data into a unique point and therefore let them available and visible through WEB network.


A radio device in Access Point configuration is installed in a centrallly and visually dominant area together with a connection to an omnidirectional aerial. Each area you need to survey and control will be equipped with a radio device in Client configuration with embedded aerial connected to a television camera and to a directive aerial as well which is centrally oriented. All radio devices work on the same channel.

  • 1 CHR5010 Access point radio device
  • 1 or more client devices with embedded aerial CHR200F / CHR500F
  • 1 omnidirectional aerial 2G40V6 / 2G40V9 o 5G8OV12 types
  • Co-axial cable to connect radio devices with aerials
  • Television cameras and computer control system

Linkit suggests the use of the pre-assembled HotSpotOutdoor kit toghether with Client products with CHR200F o CHR500F embedded aerial in collusion with the network frequency.
All radio devices include current supply system in PoE technology.