The Dual bridge point-to-point solution is one of the two possible solutions you can face when you need a connection between two geographical areas which have no optical connection with each other. It is a slightly more expansive solution if compared with the Repeater one, but it doubles the transmission speed.


The system is set up with two links which are functionally just alike, where a ddtwo directional aerials are connected to two radio devices in Dual bridge configuration. A central station will host the “head” of each link and will provide the interconnection via Ethernet cable. All PCs in the first building will therefore be connected to all PCs inside the second building. WEB network will be shared too.
The two radio links will work on different channels (for example ch 1 and ch6) and the connection speed will consequqntly be just alike a single link, without any band reduction.

  • 2 CHR5010 radio device in Access-point configuration
  • 1 Access-Point CHR5020 radio device
  • 4 directive parable aerial type 2Band45 or 2Band60
  • 4 co-axial cables asd a connection between radio devices and aerial
  • Pre-existing LAN network
  • Need of a in-between station with optical view on each of the building which are to be connected

Linkit suggests the use of single products: CHR5010, CHR5020, 2Band45 and or aerials. Radio devices include current supply system in PoE technology, as well as fixing kit too.