The Repeater – B solution is one of the possible solutions you can face when you need a connection between two geographical areas which have no optical connection with each other. It is a less expansive solution if compared with the Bridge one, but it reduces the transmission speed to the 50%.


A directional aerial connected to a radio device in Access-Point configuration is pointed to a second directional aerial connected to a dual radio system too, with the first radio set up as a repeater. The second radio of this system is set-up as a an Access-Point and connected to an omnidirectional aerial which allows the irradiation in the area which is in the dead zone. Radio devices will work on the same channel with a frequency band of 2,4Ghz.

  • 1 CHR5010 radio device in Access-point configuration
  • 2 directive parable aerial type 2Band45 or 2Band60
  • 1 omnidirectional aerial type 2G40V9 / 2G40V12
  • 3 co-axial cables asd a connection between radio devices and aerial
  • Pre-existing LAN network

Linkit suggests the use of single products: CHR5010, CHR5020, 2Band45 and 2G4V09 or 2G4V12 aerials. Radio devices include current supply system in PoE technology as well as fixing kit too.